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" Thanks for creating this wonderful product. I can't wait to use it in my therapy sessions. It takes away so much stress of planning and creating products and I absolutely love the themes! I have never really been a theme type therapist but as I'm using your products it is making it so much easier to incorporate concepts and ideas with the theme. "


Speech - Language Pathologist 

" I wanted to thank you for the wonderful crate! I used it all of last week with various clients to target so many different skills.
I loved all the books and activities.
Thank you for the great quality and
variety of the crate. "


Speech - Language Pathologist

" I knew I would fall in love with the CommuniCrate but I can honestly tell you I was so blown away by how much truly comes in this box. Even the packaging she uses can easily be repurposed for a sensory bin! I literally see kristin's heart and soul pouring into each and every box she creates. It's such a blessing to be given back some extra time for self-care or family."


Speech-Language Pathologist, Clinical Fellow

" I knew the box was going to be amazing, but it is 1000% more than what I expected it to be. I am seriously in love with it. Even some of the behavioral therapists I work with really loved it for their littles. "


Speech-Language Pathologist

" I got this because I love child education and have been struggling to find time to make things for baby #4. Your crate is awesome because I'm able to stop feeling guilty.  The books are so sturdy, vivid, and beautiful.  My child completed a book 4 times in one sitting. "


Homeschooling Momma of littles

" Honestly, my husband has struggled accepting that something is different with our child and doesn't do therapy with him on his own.  I had to run an errand and came home to him using the books in the CommuniCrate with our son.  Seeing him do that makes me feel like a team again.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. "


Momma of a little in Speech-Language Therapy

I'm that crazy Speech Language Pathologist who decided to start a company to make resources FOR YOU.  WHY?  Let's just say "laminate all the things" may be a cute hashtag.. but it isn't fun when It's taking up your weekends.  

There is a saturation of digital resources that makes selecting appropriate materials overwhelming.  You're sifting through countless products and questioning if the download is really worth the money. if you're honest, how many times have you bought something and it just sits in your purchases or on your desktop.  Instantly doesn't matter if you don't have time to prep.  If you're lucky you may have printed out the resource have a pile ready to be laminated or cut out. That ever growing pile, sitting there on your desk, consider it GONE!  The materials you use matter and so does your time and how you show up each day for your kids. 

I'M HERE FOR YOU with a starting point.  With a click of a button, you can be on your way to receiving resources FULLY PREPPED and ASSEMBLED on a durable hard plastic.  No catch.  You won't have to put the velcro on or bind ANYTHING.  Out of the box, onto your table and in the hands of your children in the same day!  Are you up for it?

Let's get you the resources you need without you having to exchange your personal time.  I'll focus on the crates, while you focus on YOUR WHY.  

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