Frequently Asked Questions

What is The CommuniCrate?
A subscription centered around a thematic unit that comprises of speech and language materials designed by a Speech-Language Pathologist. Everything even down to the shredded paper, can be used for your monthly themed. Simply repurpose it with a sensory bin!
 Who is the Crate for?
  •  Speech-Language Pathologists, Early Childhood Educators, & Parents of littles (especially great for homeschooling lessons!)
  •  To be used primarily with children 1.5-8 years of age (early intervention through early elementary years) There may be some materials that can be adapted to be more complex for the middle school age and I may grow this area in the future, but currently the crates focus on early learning concepts. 
  •  Can continue to be appropriate for individuals who are differently abled depending on their skill level/interest. I have used it with a caseload of students 3-22 with complex communication needs and had enjoyment of going through the books with even my high school kids of this population.
 Are there different options?
Yes there are three different crate options: digital, standard, and exclusive size crates so that they can best fit the monthly budget of our customers. It also provides the ability for international customers to have the option of a digital crate.  
 What are the differences between the crate sizes? 
Descriptions of exactly what is in each crate is on the homepage of our website. Please click to the homepage or type in
 When do I have to order my crate by? 
The 20th of the month! Example: If you want to receive a crate in October you’d have to order by September 20th! 
 I missed the deadline is it too late to order the crate? 
  •  Yes! I send in my final count to the printing company I work with the day after the deadline along with the designs I have and I most likely will not be able to make any exceptions. 
  •  You can always purchase the digital downloads that will be posted at the time the crates for that theme get shipped. Or you can stay tuned, I hope to be able to offer some of the prepped resources available to purchase to be shipped to you individually once a theme has been completed. 
 I don’t want to miss any of the months and keep forgetting to order, do you have a solution?  
Set up a recurring payment plan, we have various frequencies to meet your need. This will ensure you get each month’s theme and you even get a 10% discount when you order 3 months or more at a time!  
 Do I get a say on what the theme will be?  
Follow me on instagram! I do votes for upcoming themes over on my feed where I let you vote between three choices and enter in a giveaway! I value your opinion and want you to feel like you are actively participating in what materials you will get!
 Can I order past themes?  
At this time you are able to purchase the digital downloads of past themes through . We are currently working on providing product listings of previous resources that are fully prepared and shipped to you. These items will include the adapted books, vocabulary rings, social skills rings, and match mats.
 What themes have you already produced?  
Garden, zoo, ocean, back to school, community helpers, (currently working on pumpkin), and have camping planned!
 I don’t live in the United States, can I still buy a crate? 
Shipping to other countries is highly expensive. At this time standard and exclusive sizes are only offered to residents of the continental US. The digital crate is recommended for all international potential customers as it can be sent via email without any charges for shipping. If you really want the resources and would be willing to pay 40+ dollars in shipping you are welcome to email the owner your address at: for a custom quote.
 Can I buy the Crate as a gift?  
YES! PLEASE DO! That is so thoughtful! If you know of someone who would love this crate simply plug in all of their information, Name/Shipping (etc.) and just enter in your payment information. This will limit confusion if I see that you placed an order for two boxes! (one for you and one for them). 
 When am I expected to receive my crate?  
All crates are purchased on a pre-pay basis. You buy in the month before you receive it. For example if you pay in September, you will get your crate in October. All crates ship by the 15th of the month.
 Will I get a tracking number for my order? 
Tracking numbers will be sent to the email that you used to place your order 
 How can I stay in touch with the latest news about The CommuniCrate? 
Be sure you are following us on instagram! @TheCommuniCrate. Each month there are giveaways that you have the possibility of winning. There are also sneak peeks and strategies on how to implement several of the resources, all provided to you be a Speech-Language Pathologist and/or subscribers of the product. 
 I need to change the address or the credit card that I have on file, how do I do that? 
  •  On the bottom bar of the home page there is text that says “my account”. After you place an order you will be able to create a login. Make sure that all of your personal information stays up to date here so that we can make sure the crates go out to the correct address.  
  •  Here is the link for direct access if you have trouble finding it: 
 Do you have an affiliate program?  
YES! We are so proud to say that we do. It is referred to as our partner program. Please contact me directly if you are interested via 
 I need to change the address or the credit card that I have on file, how do I do that? 
  •  You go to the link: 
  •  Fill out the short application
  •  Kristin, Owner of The CommuniCrate will review all applications weekly
  •  She will approve applicants that appear to believe in the mission and have a passion for the product
  •  She obtains the right to remove any partner that goes against company branding or doesn’t uphold the values and missions this company seeks to uphold. 
  •  You will receive a custom link that you can use to refer sales. 
  •  You will be invited to join an exclusive facebook group that will provide content and community to guide you along in your partnership
  •  Simply promote the product in an authentic way through your pictures/text and share your link and earn through the referrals! It’s our way of giving back to the community that has helped us grow and get to where we are right now. 
 I need to cancel my monthly membership, how do I do that?  
On the bottom bar of the home page there is text that says “my account”. After you place an order you will be able to create a login. You can go here to adjust your subscription or cancel anytime! 
 I want to upgrade my subscription, how do I do that?   
On the bottom bar of the home page there is text that says “my account”. After you place an order you will be able to create a login. You can adjust your plan for the next month. If you want to go from a standard to an exclusive crate or any other adjustments after you’ve already paid for that month, email: and she will send you a paypal money request for the difference and get you set up to receive that upgrade! Your account login link: 
 Where can I provide feedback about my CommuniCrate experience (positive or negative)? 
Please send all correspondence to 
 How do you store your materials?
  •  I use stackable clear storage bins that you can find here:   
  •  I put a label in them, that now comes in each communicrate and it allows me to just grab the bin of the theme I’m using that month. It keeps me organized and focused on what I’m doing in my lessons. 
 What is Communication Cottage, LLC? 
Communication Cottage, LLC is my overall brand as a Speech-Language Pathologist & Entrepreneur. It is where I have a blog and all of the digital resources at this time. The CommuniCrate, is simply a product of this brand/business.