Theme Therapy Digital Bundle

Theme Therapy Digital Bundle


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Includes 19 Digital Themes (ZIP FILE - immediate download) 

Garden digital theme bundle (Value: $47.00)

Zoo digital theme bundle (Value: $57.00)

Ocean digital theme bundle (Value: $54.50)

Back to School digital theme bundle (Value: $48.00)

Community Helpers digital theme bundle (Value: $43.50)

Pumpkin digital theme bundle (Value: $42.50)

Camping digital theme bundle (Value: $43.50)

Winter Activities digital theme bundle (Value: $41.50)

Emotions Digital theme bundle (Value: $40.50)

Dinosaurs Digital theme bundle (Value: $41.50)

Weather Digital theme bundle (Value: $42.50)

Around the house digital theme bundle (Value: $40.50)

Transportation digital theme bundle (Value: $40.50)

Beach digital theme bundle (Value: $42.50)

Body Digital Theme bundle (Value: $42.50)

Space Digital Theme Bundle (Value $42.50)

Farm Digital Theme Bundle (Value $40.50)

Football Digital Theme Bundle (Value $40.50)

Woodland Digital Theme Bundle (Value $40.50) 

TOTAL VALUE: $832.00



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" Thanks for creating this wonderful product. I can't wait to use it in my therapy sessions. It takes away so much stress of planning and creating products and I absolutely love the themes! I have never really been a theme type therapist but as I'm using your products it is making it so much easier to incorporate concepts and ideas with the theme. "


Speech - Language Pathologist 

" I wanted to thank you for the wonderful crate! I used it all of last week with various clients to target so many different skills.
I loved all the books and activities.
Thank you for the great quality and
variety of the crate. "


Speech - Language Pathologist

" I knew I would fall in love with the CommuniCrate but I can honestly tell you I was so blown away by how much truly comes in this box. Even the packaging she uses can easily be repurposed for a sensory bin! I literally see kristin's heart and soul pouring into each and every box she creates. It's such a blessing to be given back some extra time for self-care or family."


Speech-Language Pathologist, Clinical Fellow

" I knew the box was going to be amazing, but it is 1000% more than what I expected it to be. I am seriously in love with it. Even some of the behavioral therapists I work with really loved it for their littles. "


Speech-Language Pathologist

" I got this because I love child education and have been struggling to find time to make things for baby #4. Your crate is awesome because I'm able to stop feeling guilty.  The books are so sturdy, vivid, and beautiful.  My child completed a book 4 times in one sitting. "


Homeschooling Momma of littles

" Honestly, my husband has struggled accepting that something is different with our child and doesn't do therapy with him on his own.  I had to run an errand and came home to him using the books in the CommuniCrate with our son.  Seeing him do that makes me feel like a team again.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. "


Momma of a little in Speech-Language Therapy